Increase Production, Decrease Cycle Time and Handling

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The Freeloader allows your machinists to run parts virtually unmanned. The Freeloader body is constructed of low-carbon steel coated with zinc oxide for durability. All other components are corrosion-resistant. The Freeloader is spring loaded and fits 5C collets and 16C collets. With our adapters it also fits 8 inch chucks, 10 inch chucks, 3 jaw power chucks and quick change power chucks.

Set Up is Quick and Easy

To set up the Freeloader on your CNC lathe machine, simply attach the collet, insert into drawtube, and load the stock. The Freeloader set up process is quick and easy. Be sure to place your order today!
Durable. Space Saving. Adaptable.

Advantages of The Freeloader

Experience the advantages of the Freeloader.

  • Increase CNC Lathe production
  • Fast loading
  • Decrease cycle time
  • Decrease machinist handling
  • No floor or machine space needed
  • No air or hydraulics needed
  • No expensive spindle liners
  • No harm to stock finish
  • Eliminates bar vibration

All that is needed to order is the make / model of your chuck and the inside diameter of the draw tube. If you are a current Accu-Stop customer, include the part number of your current face plate.

Freeloader Specs Table


Freeloader Model Diameter Length Bar Capacity
SD 1.125 19.0″ .80 DIA X 12″ Length
SDXL 1.125 24.0″ .80 DIA X 24″ Length
Magnum 1.300 26.0″ 1.40 DIA X 18″ Length

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